Montana Coffee Traders

Since 1981, Montana Coffee Traders has been roasting fine coffees in an old farmhouse in Whitefish. In this tiny mountain town in northwest Montana over 3,000 feet above sea level, their beans are roasted at almost exactly the same altitude at which they grow. Coincidence? Maybe. Perfection? Definitely! They roast using Sivetz Fluid Bed roasters where only precisely heated clean mountain air gently roasts the coffee. They package and ship their coffee immediately after roasting, so our customers drink it at the peak of freshness.

Montana Blend

Montana Blend, one of their seven Classic Label coffees, is the perfect combination of medium- and light-roasted beans resulting in the perfect cup of coffee. Available in Regular, Decaf, and Organic, Montana Blend is a rich and well-balanced cup of joe.


Electric City Coffee

Electric City Blend

Bold initially and smooth throughout, the Electric City Coffee Blend contains hints of citrus and roasted nuts and a rich dark chocolate mouth feel. Organic and fair trade certified, the coffee is a result of a collaboration between Electric City Coffee and Montana Coffee Traders to produce a unique custom blend.

The coffee consists of dark roasted Mexican coffee from the highlands of Oaxaca and light roasted beans from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. Together they create a memorable espresso experience with the best qualities from both coffees and roasts: low acidity, full body, and complex flavor.